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Cryptocurrency storage is one of the most pressing issues for holders
There are dozens of purses, but there are plenty of purses in which it would be terrible to put a large amount
As a result, many people come to the conclusion that it makes no sense to transfer money from one unreliable place to another
Hundreds of experts around the world have contributed to the development of the technological and security Foundation of the Telegram platform
We are proud to present that Mother Wallet Bot is currently one of the most secure repositories of cryptocurrency assets
Advantages of working with us:
We invite you to join our community and conduct cryptocurrency exchange transactions with our users
For our part, we will attract the maximum number of users to you, which will increase your income and reputation
High threshold for cash transactions that can be carried out

for amounts over 1000 BTC
The lowest Commission among the guarantor sites
Rating System, Business level
Trader's Office
Instant payments and transfers
Best courses rated by BestChange
Working with crypto ATMs and trading

Cryptocurrency trading:

Advantages of trading cryptocurrency with @MotherWalletBot:
Complete safety Customer funds are securely protected
A large selection of cryptocurrencies BTC/ETH/BIP/USDT are presented on our trading platform, and in the near future we are waiting for 2 Grand new items!
No hidden fees-0 5% of each purchase transaction, half of which is spent on partner rewards
Круглосуточная round-the-clock trading MotherWalletBot is one of the few services where you can trade around the clock, and support is provided in 15 languages
Trade more capital and make bigger deals Make cash transactions in more than 15 countries in the offices of the company's partners!
Risk limitation You can independently determine the risk and profit in each transaction using Delta, stop loss and take profit, as well as limit orders change the USDT at any time on the specified parameters
Guaranteed profit from each transaction, specify the Delta to buy from -5%, the Delta to sell +5% Buy USDT for cash from bot participants, or on exchanges with a minimum Commission and earn in Mother Wallet
Ability to trade in pairs with Fiat currencies New update of USD, EUR, JPY and other Fiat currencies
Круглосуточная round-the-clock trading (even on weekends)

Payment system:
More than 100 payment methods in all currencies:
Bank transfer
Electronic payment system
Digital currency
Other ( Codes, gifts, altcoins, and more )

СНГ CIS Chat t me/MotherWallet ( you can specify hashtags #buy #sell #cryptocurrency #payment system and others )
СНГ CIS news t me/NewsMother currently, Russia Ranks 1st in the Cryptocurrency category
MotherWallet net exchange Cryptocurrency
Soon there will be Peace in all categories, thanks to active advertising in Telegram and future bounty programs with new Cryptocurrencies

A big surprise for all owners of Telegram Accounts-Pavel Durov's Cryptocurrency (Futures) GRAM will be available in the telegram bot @MotherWalletBot

Digital currencies provide new tools with high volatility Start earning now
Start exchange @motherwalletbot Telegram
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