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Wayrates Declares Flash Sale Of A Range Of Active

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Wayrates Declares Flash Sale Of A Range Of Active Wear And Tactical Clothing For Men
Wayrates is looking to boost its third-quarter sales with an exciting flash sale of men's active wear and tactical clothing.
USA, 19th September

Wayrates, a renowned men's fashion line known for selling comfortable mens outdoor clothing , has recently declared a flash sale of its extensive collection of active wear, sportswear, and training clothing for men to conclude the hugely successful 2020 fall fashion week. The company is also aiming to boost sales and rake in substantial profits as the year draws to an end to make up for the economic losses brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. Wayrates is not only offering up to 50% off on its products but also generous discounts on bulk orders.
The sale includes such tactical clothing and accessories as solid color tactical trousers, breathable full-sleeve tops, quick-drying training t-shirts, multifunctional pants, cargo shorts, mountaineering jackets, washed coats, hooded sweaters, windproof jackets, and waterproof windbreakers, to name a few. Also available in the flash sale are cycling apparel, camouflage clothing, windproof fog masks, dustproof and breathable riding masks, tactical belts, combat vests, hiking shoes, non-slip gloves, and lightweight water proof back packs, among others.
Customers can avail discounts of 10% and 15% if they buy 3 and 4 items, respectively, at a time. The sale will end in two days so men looking to get their hands on stylish tactical clothing at unbelievable prices should rush to the online store right now to take advantage of the considerable discounts. Men fond of adventure and interested in sports should not miss the flash sale as the company has an abundance of active wear and tactical clothing to offer at unbelievably low prices.
A senior sales and marketing executive of the company claimed, “The decision to offer such considerable discounts and announce a flash sale in the middle of the fall fashion week is a strategic one based on market research. The company not only intends to expand its customer base by bringing in new customers but also is aiming to recover the economic ground it lost to the pandemic. To encourage shoppers to shop from Wayrates, we offer 5% off on first orders and ship orders above $ 89 for free. "

About the Company
Wayrates is a reputed online store that is known for its comprehensive collection of men's fashion tactical clothing and sportswear.
To know more, visit https://www.wayrates.com/ .
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